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Screenshot of main menu site navigation To begin, choose an episode from the drop-down menu at the top of the page (I'd recommend you start with the first chapter!). This will not lead directly to the episode's text; each episode is preceded by a "briefing" page, which contains materials such as a synopsis and character descriptions to prep you for reading the episode.

When you are done reading the briefing page, use the "Episode X" button right below the site banner and above the text to move to the episode. After you've read the episode, use the "debriefing" link near the top of the page to move to a page that sums up the episode you've just read. When Screenshot of site navigation you're ready for a new episode, use the site's main at the very top of the page to pick your chapter.

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Reading the Text: Episode Page Navigation

Toggle the Annotation Links
The episode is set up so that you can scroll through the text of the episode while notes on the text scroll right alongside. The default setting is for these notes to include all the notes for the episode, but by using the tabs at the left of the page, you can limit these notes to one of the areas I identified where you are likelyto have trouble with Ulysses:

Screenshot of clock example Episode Time
Below these tabs is a clock-face. The events of Ulysses take place over the course of a single day, from around 8AM through around 3AM the following morning. The clock face points to the rough time at which the episode you are reading begins.

Comments, Questions, and Help
Screenshot of help button example If you have any comments or questions about the episode you're reading, feel free to send these to me using the "Questions or Comments" button on the right side of the page. Also on the right side of the page is a large fuschia "HELP" button, which you may click on if you're having trouble understanding the site's layout and wish to read this page again.