About This Site

UlyssesUlysses.com is an attempt to provide something more than just an etext James Joyce's Ulysses. Because of the difficulty of reading the novel (especially the later epsiodes) without assistance for the first time, this site offers the novel's text side-by-side with notes explaining such problematic areas as:

Each episode is situated between briefing and debriefing pages written to help you get the most out of each episode. Briefing pages for an episode contain information that it is helpful to know beforehand (a synopsis, character descriptions, etc.), as well as pointers toward what to watch for in your reading. The debriefing page emphasizes what you should have gotten out of the previous episode or presents questions meant to challenge you comprehension of the text.

The site will eventually be rich with multimedia resources, such as maps, photography, and audio of the text, as well as visualizations of such things as the character's paths throughout Dublin on the single day presnted in the novel. Hopefully, these resources will make your first reading of Ulysses a richer experience.